My name is Sally Black… I know I know … you already figured that out !

As a kid growing up in Sydney, I was always drawing. I filled notebooks, schoolbooks endless and piles of recycled computer paper with my creations. I drew people, places, stories and detailed drawings of all the things I wanted to get for Christmas. I also drew some not-so-flattering portraits of teachers at school instead of my classwork.

These days I am a full time visual artist in Canberra, producing works on paper with water based mediums such as watercolour and gouache. I create landscapes in monotype printmaking techniques with watercolour inks that push towards abstraction. My pen and watercolour drawings detail everyday scenes with unusual perspectives and distortions.

There is nothing like the buzz I get from creating art that makes people smile. Seeing the world through a different perspective helps us find and appreciate the joy in it.

I have shown my work in a number of group exhibitions in Canberra.

I work on a variety of commissions, both for private and corporate clients. You can check out some of my commission work on my commission gallery page.

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